Avant Bicycle and Cafe, owned by Avant Group Inc., is a grass roots company that believes in three key principals of its business: Maintaining value to its customers, offer a quality product and give back to the community it serves.


Founded in 2014, Avant started as a one-man bicycle shop catering to a small market in Delavan, WI. Within four months of opening the doors, Avant quickly outgrew the first location and made the decision to relocate the shop one block away. Avant quickly gained its trust in bicycle service and quality repair and established a strong customer relationship that would reach all of Walworth County and soon began its journey into the coffee world.

While the business model may have shifted, Avant’s core identity is still rooted in the same three rules: maintain value, provide a quality product and give back to the community.

Partnering with Singing Rooster Coffee roasters, Avant developed its signature coffee line you have today. With this growth came a new location in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Today, Avant Bicycle & Cafe serves hundreds of customers daily, employs over ten hard-working employees and continues to maintain its three core principals.

2014 Delavan – First Location

2015 Delavan – Second Location

2017 Lake Geneva – Current Location


Avant aims to maintain its community development while setting goals for growth within. Avant is looking to expand its product offering, specific to Avant.

Drink Coffee, Ride Bikes.